Precious Stories...

I have always thought of jewelry as a noble ornament, even more than the materials that compose it. To me, jewelry is an authentic expression of emotion, an indelible bond, an everlasting memory... ever since I was a child, when my grandmother first showed me her "wedding band" forged by her husband (my grandfather) using a silver coin.
That story represented for me the epic and authentic act of love, instilling in me, unknowingly, the passion that, unchanged for over thirty years, has made me a goldsmith.

In the atelier "Antonella Brilla Gioielli", stories, with the perceptions and emotions they evoke, are infused into the "noble material", giving life to unique, unrepeatable, personal jewelry worn all over the world.

I love creating "Precious Stories"

Antonella Brilla

Antonella Brilla at Palazzo Facchi

From March 31st to April 2nd, 2023

Eccellenze a Palazzo